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Credit Expert Witness and Credit Damage Expert

A credit expert witness and credit damage expert, by virtue of their professional experience, has a unique and specialized understanding of and about the consumer credit environment and how it works. John’s experience in the credit reporting and credit scoring industries make him an invaluable part of any legal team involved with consumer credit related litigation including credit damage assessment, credit report damages, FDCPA, FCRA, FACTA, FICO scoring, Metro 2 and reasonable procedures.

John has been a part of the consumer credit environment since 1991 including 6 years at Equifax Credit Information Services, 7 years with FICO, inventors of the FICO credit scoring system and over 17 years of concurrent work with many other credit related entities. John has a fluent understanding of credit bureaus, credit reports, credit reporting practices, FICO scores, Metro 2, dispute codes, ACDVs and AUDs.  John has been retained as an expert in over 680 cases and has served as an expert witness for consumers, furnishers, credit bureaus and debt collectors.

Short CV…

John Ulzheimer, President of The Ulzheimer Group, LLC and Founder of, is a nationally recognized expert on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft. In addition, his expertise includes FCRA, FDCPA, CROA, and credit report and credit score damages. He has been retained as an expert witness/legal consultant in credit related litigation over 680 times and has been qualified and admitted as an expert in Federal and State court.

John is twice FCRA certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association (the trade association of the credit reporting agencies) and has over 31 years of experience in the consumer credit industry including positions with Equifax Information Services, Fair Isaac (the inventor of the FICO® credit scoring system),, and years of concurrent work with numerous consumer credit related companies.

John currently is or was the credit blogger for Zillow, Experian, Mint, CreditSesame, Card Rates, Credit Card Insider, JD Byrider Systems, The New York Times,, SmartCredit, The Simple Dollar, VantageScore Solutions, and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. John has been published and quoted over 5,000 times in the past 16 years on the topic of consumer credit. He has authored or created numerous educational materials on the subject including:

• The book, The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Good Credit
• The book, You’re Nothing but a Number
• The consumer handbook, Surviving Identity Theft
• The consumer handbook, The Get Credit Wise ToolKit
• The Use of Compliance Condition Codes, CO Bar Assn. Newsletter
• Trends in Credit-Related Lawsuits, CCFL, Quarterly Report, Vol.73, No.3

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